Appliance Recycling – Frequently Asked Questions

Just about everybody knows where they can buy a new appliance, but not everybody knows where to take them when they die. You definitely can’t put them out on the curb, or next to the dumpster. I grew up in the appliance industry, so please let me offer some advice on the subject. The following are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to appliance recycling.

Q. Where do I take my old appliances when they’re no longer worth fixing?

A. You can get paid for your old dryer repair palm springs, broken appliances if you bring them to the right place. There are metal recycling centers just about everywhere in the country. At the time of this writing, the one a couple towns over from me are paying about ten cents a pound. Of course, gas is just under $4 per gallon, so it’s not really worth the couple of hours and ten dollars in fuel that it would take to get them there. Fortunately, there are used appliance stores in just about every city willing to take your old appliances off your hands free of charge. Most of them will require you to bring them in, but are usually willing to pick them up for a small fee.

Q. Why do appliance companies charge you when they’re likely going to just fill up a truck and bring them across town to the recycling center where they’ll be paid for them?

A. Your appliance may only be worth a few bucks at the recycling center and as I mentioned a second ago, this is wiped out by the cost of fuel. Plus, they have overhead. To remain in business, they need to have a license, a truck, insurance, and they will need to pay a guy to pick up your appliance and bring it to the scrap yard. These guys do need to make a little bit of a profit to stay in business; after all, they are providing a service to the community.

Q. Will appliance centers and recycling centers accept all types of appliances?

A. No. You will likely meet resistance or additional charges when you bring in a t.v., refrigerator, freezer, or a/c unit, and new to the list, plastic dishwashers. In my town the scrap yards have stopped accepting plastic dishwashers all together because they have little-to-no metal content which is where they make their money.

Q. So, where do I take my refrigerator, freezer, or a/c unit if the recycling centers won’t take them?

A. Some of them will actually accept them; there will just be a charge. In my area, it’s about $30. Appliances stores will take them as well, usually for a similar price, and they likely offer a pickup service for a little more money.

Q. What do I do about the t.v.’s and plastic dishwashers?

A. They will need to go to the dump, unless they are working. If they still work, or only require minor repair, you should be able to get an appliance store to accept them free of charge.

As a general rule, your broken appliances should be brought to either a metal recycling center, or a used appliance dealer. Metal recycling centers are the most economical choice, but are usually located just outside of town. If you live just outside of town you’re in luck. If you don’t have a truck, or just don’t want the labor, there’s likely an appliance store in your area that would be happy to pick them up for you.

DIY Dishwasher Repair

Maytag Whisper 300 Series dishwasher can be a wise investment for our homes. Keeping an automatic dishwasher not only makes our household chores simplified, but also helps saves your time for other more important tasks. This article contains useful tips and information on the proper ways of troubleshooting your Maytag dishwashers.

Cleaning up and washing the dishes after every meal can be a tiresome daily task dishwasher repair los angeles. I say so; because personally dish washing is something I really do not enjoy doing. Thanks to my Maytag Quiet Series 300 dishwasher, I can now enjoy an extended time chatting with my family and not having to worry about the dishes. But because dishwashers are used repeatedly each and every day, it can’t help but get damaged easily. The following paragraphs below will help you handle some problems with your machine. This article contains various sections for troubleshooting a variety of problems.

Maytag manufactures the Whisper 300 series dishwashers. The dishwashers have a limited one-year warranty that covers any defective part as long as the dishwasher is installed in a residential setting in the United States or Canada. During the warranty period, Maytag Services will repair or replace the dishwasher free of charge. Maytag recommends troubleshooting the dishwasher to resolve common problems before requesting warranty service.

Common Problem #1: Dishwasher Does Not Fill

1. Turn on the water supply and check household breakers or fuses. Reset or replace, if needed.

2. Remove the inlet hose and clean the water valve inlet to remove sediment. Remove kinks in the inlet hose.

3. Press the “Start/Cancel” button to start the selected dishwasher cycle.

4. Close and latch the door. The dishwasher will not start if the door in not properly latched.

Common Problem #2: Dishwasher Does not drain

1. Remove kinks in the drain hose.

2. Run the garbage disposal to empty it. If the dishwasher drains into a sink, run water into the sink to ensure the sink drain is not clogged. If it is clogged, pour liquid drain cleaner down the drain to remove clogs.

There are several things you should check before calling a dishwasher repair man to fix your appliance: the electricity and water supply, the control panel and the water supply hoses. Troubleshooting your appliance by eliminating common causes of technical issues takes about 20 minutes. So before calling your handy repairman for help and avoid unnecessary dishwasher repair expenses, try the above steps first. But if all else fails then it is time to call upon your most trusted dishwasher repairman.

Tumble Dryer Repair – Why You Shouldn’t Do it Yourself

There are many different things to consider when it comes to tumble dryer repair. By taking the time to check out all the different options that you have, you’ll be much better able to get the right professional services to get the job done right. You might be wondering why you need professional services. You’re a pretty handy person, and you can do the job yourself, right? Well, when it comes to repairing anything that involves electrical work, you always need to find professional services. Otherwise, you’ll be putting yourself and your family at risk, no matter how good you think you are at the job.

You shouldn’t do tumble dryer repair by yourself because you might create bigger problems than there were in the first place. This isn’t to say that you’re not competent Lg dryer repair los angeles. You’re likely more than qualified to do the work necessary. However, you cannot truly make sure that the work is done properly without a professional service to do it for you. If you happen to be certified to do electrical work, then go for it by all means. If you aren’t, leave it to the professionals. Trying to save a few bucks doing the work yourself will cost you much more in the end in many cases.

Not only will it be a hassle to do your own tumble dryer repair and have to worry about whether it’s right or not, but you could also put your family at risk for electrical fires, shorts, and blowing fuses which can all be very dangerous. The safest way to have electrical work done is to let professionals do it properly so that you can trust that you’re getting the job done right the first time. It might cost a little more than fixing it yourself, but you can’t put a price on your safety and the wellbeing of your family.

Tumble dryer repair is not something that you should do yourself for a variety of reasons. The most important probably is that you need to be very certain that you’re going to get the job done right and safely. Electrical work is scary stuff, and professionals are trained to handle it properly.

Why Is My Dryer Making Noise?

A loud dryer will be very annoying, and the issue must be addressed instantly so as to keep away from attainable harm to your machine. On this article I’ll clarify what to verify for in case your dryer is making noise. This troubleshooting will be achieved by you, and the repairs are easy sufficient to do your self as properly. Simply bear in mind to all the time unplug your dryer from the wall earlier than you begin. So, hopefully this text will show you how to remedy your downside with out having to money out for a repairman.

The most typical explanation for a loud dryer is as a result of the wheels/rollers want changing samsung dryer repair los angeles. Some dryers have a pair of rollers which the drum sits upon for help. After they get previous and worn out they make one heck of a racket. If you happen to examine your machine and spot they’re worn out, it’s a good suggestion to switch them each on the identical time. Another excuse why your dryer might be making noise is because of a damaged or broken belt. A broken belt could make a form of slapping sound on the drum when it’s in cycle. In case your belt is damaged or broken it could be advisable to switch that as properly.

There are a number of different issues you may verify in case your dryer is making noise after checking the rollers and belt. Take away the lint filter out of your machine, and shine a flashlight into the lint filter holder. Generally spare change or different objects can fall down into the drum, inflicting noise.

If you happen to do not discover something within the lint filter holder, it is time to verify the blower wheel. Now the blower wheel is consistently turning, and lint blows by it on a regular basis. An extra of lint buildup within the blower wheel might be inflicting your dryer to make noise. Take away any lint from inside and across the wheel, additionally you need to verify to see whether it is worn out. Whether it is, you need to exchange it.

Two extra issues to verify earlier than calling a serviceman: the bearings and the drum glides. Some dryer drums are supported utilizing a spindle within the center and both a ball-bearing, or shaft in sleeve sort of bearing. When the bearings get previous and worn out they’ll make a loud squeaking or rubbing sound. If they’re broken or worn out you need to exchange them. Lastly you may verify the dryer drum glides, that are positioned within the entrance of the drum (on most dryers, not less than.) When the glides get previous and worn out they’ll additionally make loud noise, which is an indication you need to exchange them as a set.

If none of the following pointers helped remedy your downside of a loud dryer, you need to name a components supplier or service technician for extra troubleshooting. However hopefully this text has helped you discover out why your dryer was making noise!

Restoring Your Antique Stove

Basically, antique stove is of varying sizes from small to big. Also, it can be made of several components like soapstone and cast iron. Aside from that, these woodburning stoves are usefully in a sequence of sets. There are which are mostly for in-the-kitchen usage as several are intentionally for outdoor activities. However to achieve the superior of them, correct attention must be given to both external and internal of the antique stove.

A chimney that acts as channel for smoke must as well be given important sweeping concentration since they can mainly influence the creative and careful usage of the woodburning stoves. Before installation, this component must be well measured to avoid expulsions and troubles. Thinking that you’re aware regarding those matters but you’re still not closer yet in choosing or keeping the woodburning stoves. Relatively it is about repairing it. In this article you will know some basic steps on how to restore your antique stove.

Initially, no matter if you are using a woodburning stove lg stove and oven repair los angeles, hunter stove or some other type they’re vulnerable to dirt and rust. To eliminate those you can use a wire brush. Also, you can use a hammer or chisel to eliminate old and depreciated cement which you want to take away. Secondly, to restore and load cracks and seams, you may use a putty blade to situate new stove cement. Before that you have to damp the portion with a towel or tissue. If you’ve done some fault to the use of the cement take it away immediately with a damp paper towel.

After that, wait for one day to parch the cement. Thirdly, clean the surface of the antique stove by using a damp rag. Then put a stove covering by using a soft cloth. Provide additional focus on the attractive part of the old stove. And finally, let the covering dry for some minutes and then polish the outer surface of the antique stove. Allow a day goes by and you’ll be able to utilize again your new looking stove. Now, if you are planning to buy antique stove you can continue with the installation or if you are planning to restore your old stove, you proceed with the process of repairing.

There are several companies which can tender you installation for free but it might cost you extra fee. When you’re restoring your antique stove you can just do it all by yourself or hire somebody to work it for you. In obtaining an old stove, you have lots of option either you purchase a latest one or tell your grandmother to offer their old stove for you and repair it. It is very inexpensive repairing it than purchasing the classic one because it will cost lots of money.

How to Vet an Appliance Installation and Repair Company Before You Hire

Finding home appliance installers or repair pros who are reliable, trustworthy, and qualified can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Learn what elements to consider when you’re shopping around so that you can find the right company or appliance professional for you.

When one of your home appliances goes on the fritz, your daily life and routine are impacted. That’s why it’s essential to get repair work or installation of a new appliance taken care of as soon as possible. However, unless you already have a relationship with a repair or installation firm maytag stove and oven repair los angeles, it can be incredibly hard to know where to start in terms of vetting different choices. Whether you need an oven repair or dishwasher installation, though, there are some essential elements that you should look for in any appliance company. Read on to find out some basic tips that will help you navigate the world of appliance pros so that you can make an informed decision before you hire.

The first thing that you must check out when it comes to any type of appliance pro is insurance. Appliances are complex machines that often bring together water, electricity, and/or gas into the same space. Even if a washing machine repair, for example, sounds fairly innocuous, working on an appliance like this (either in terms of repair or installation) is inherently dangerous. You do not want to take the risk of being held liable for any incidents that occur while a repair or installation pro is on your property, so look for companies that are fully insured.

You should also make certain that any company you hire is licensed by the state. This means that the state knows the individual or company in question is servicing appliances. It also means that the appliance pro has agreed to abide by state-determined standards of acceptable practices, is liable for penalties for illegal practices, and is required to give consumers important information such as service estimates. Before you hire someone for fridge, oven, or dishwasher repair or installation help, you should make sure that they are in compliance with all the necessary legal parameters of your locality.

If you find a company that is both insured and licensed, you’re probably in good shape, and you should feel comfortable contacting them to find out if they can help you with your appliance repair or installation project. However, if you want to be really sure that your refrigerator repair or stove installation is going to be handled with professional integrity, you can put potential companies to a third test: Are they established in the business community? Many locally owned companies will opt to undergo accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. This is a national organization that promotes best business practices, denounces substandard business behavior, and serves as a watchdog for business scams. Your local community may also have a business association of some type with its own membership criteria and vetting practices. Either way, a company that willingly puts its business practices under public scrutiny will likely be an excellent fit for even the most particular consumers.

Finding an appliance pro to take on projects like dryer repair or refrigerator installation can feel daunting if you’re not quite sure where to start. By following some basic vetting procedures, though, you can be sure that you’re making the best choice possible for your appliances and for your home.


Tips on Buying a Wood Stove

Switching to using wood stoves is an excellent solution for people who are troubled by the continuous rise of the digits in their monthly heating bills. A wood stove is a good source of heat in cold seasons like winter. It can be positioned in any part of the house provided that a tube going to the chimney can be attached to it, and that space isn’t a problem. However, it is best to be placed in the areas in your home where you and the rest of your family stay most. By doing so, you won’t feel cold when you sit on the sofa while watching a movie, or having dinner on your dining table.

There are some important points to think about before buying a wood stove stove repair los angeles. These points would include the cost of the product, your heating demands, and the product’s performance.

The factor that mostly affects the cost of a wood stove is the material it’s made up of. Of the several materials, cast iron and plain stainless steel stoves are the two most used. Units made cast iron are usually more costly due to their good to look at stylish appearance. However, they need to be reassembled every after year because their continuous heating causes the things that hold the panels together to somehow melt, causing them to get loose, which actually isn’t safe. Also, reassembling only adds to the expenses, which isn’t good for people who are on a tight budget. On the other hand, stainless steel stoves may not be eye-catching, but they are less expensive and do not require regular maintenance.

Before buying a wood stove, buyers should know which stove would fit exactly to their need for heat. Stove sizes vary, so is their heating capacity. If you’re looking for a heater for a large room, a small stove will do. If you want your whole house to be heated, you can use a mid-sized stove, provided for that your house is not so big too. As you can notice, the size of the stove should be in proportion to the area it is heating so be careful when buying because the stove you may choose might not be the appropriate stove for your house.

Another thing that should come in mind when shopping for a stove is the performance. Although performance mostly depends on the wood, the stove also does have contributions. For example, if you are looking for a stove that can heat up the surroundings the whole day, go for larger stoves. Larger stoves have a larger room for wood, and burning all of the wood would take longer.

An additional thing to look out for is the unit’s Environmental Protection Agency certification and not all stoves come with it. I highly recommend wood stoves with EPA certificates since they are tested proven to be highly effective, safe and durable heaters.

Considering DIY Appliance Repair?

Appliance repair is a job for the pros. DIY fridge, washer, or oven repair often creates major problems for you and your home, so don’t risk it. Here’s why!

Not worried about your malfunctioning fridge or washer? Think you can handle your own appliance repairs? You may want to reconsider. There’s a lot that can go wrong when it comes to DIY repair, and the risks outweigh the benefits in most cases. So instead of taking a shortcut to save a buck, make sure your appliance repairs are done right. Amateur appliance repair services take longer, often don’t fix the problem or make it worse, and can even put your home and family at risk. When your dryer or oven is acting up, contact a professional repairman for complete, correct appliance service from start to finish kenmore stove and oven repair los angeles.

Amateur appliance repairs can lead to problems with:


Figuring out the source of the problem is often the hardest part of an repair job. Even with years of training and hands-on experience, appliance technicians often have to examine a dishwasher or dryer from top to bottom, poking and prodding until they find the origin of the malfunction. That often leaves homeowners, even with a dryer repair manual in hand, at a loss to find out what’s wrong with their appliance. Many times, amateurs end up replacing part after part after part because each time they identify the root of the problem incorrectly and end up starting the process all over again. By hiring professionals for your refrigerator, washer-dryer repair, or other appliance need, you’ll help make certain that you get more efficient troubleshooting and accurate diagnostics.


Once your appliance repair service has located the source of the problem, they can also repair it quickly and effectively. The majority of appliance repair companies stock their service vehicles with the most commonly needed replacement parts, so they should have the tools and materials on hand to resolve many issues. If you’re trying to repair your own washing machine or dishwasher, chances are you’ll need to call up appliance parts stores to find the part, drive to the store to buy it, and then come home to attempt installation. Trusting the experts for refrigerator repair or oven repair helps streamline the process and gets your appliances back up and running faster.


And, of course, when you try to handle your own repairs, a lot can go wrong. From damaging your appliance during the disassembly and diagnostics process to incorrectly installing the replacement parts, DIY appliance repair often creates new issues instead of solving the original problem. Gas and water leaks, broken parts, and even personal injury are not uncommon when you try to handle your own appliance repairs. For your safety, the safety of your home and family, and the safety of your appliance, everything from simple washer repairs to complicated refrigeration repairs should be left in the hands of experienced professionals. They have the expertise to get the job done right the first time, safeguarding you and your home from harm.

So the next time one of your major household appliances starts acting up, put down the refrigerator repair manual and pick up the phone instead. For quality repairs that are more affordable than you think, skip the hassles and hazards of DIY appliance repair. Contact your local appliance repair service instead. You’ll be glad you did!

Choosing Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances

When shopping for items to fill up your kitchen, you shouldn’t just look for appliances at cheap prices. You should buy sensibly. You need to consider not just the purchase price, but also the costs involved in having each of the items in your kitchen. That means, you need to think about how much it would cost you to operate and maintain it and even to have it repaired, if necessary.

For many appliance manufacturers in many countries, they place indicators about the energy efficiency rating of their products. This is usually true for refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers. This is one of the factors you should consider when purchasing these items. Compare the star or number ratings and pick from the most energy-efficient ones. Having kitchen appliances like these can help you save on electric bills and will cost you less in the long run. Energy-efficient appliances also help you help save the environment kitchenaid oven repair los angeles.

If you’re checking out refrigerators, the ones tagged as energy-efficient should help you consume 20 percent less power than those that don’t bear any energy star rating. It would also help you a lot in saving electric bills and energy usage if you opt for a manual-defrost refrigerator. Those that operate with an automatic defrost function consume more energy, since it needs heat to defrost. But you need to make sure that you defrost your manual-defrost refrigerator before the ice builds up to more than a quarter of an inch. It would also be wiser to buy refrigerators with as few accessories as possible. Avoid buying those with built-in icemakers and water dispensers. Side-by-side models may look chic, but they consume a huge amount of energy – much more than two-door refrigerators with a top or bottom freezer.

When buying a dishwasher, look for one that has a “light wash” feature so you can have the choice of using less water. You should also try to look for a dishwasher that has an “air dry” function that’s more economical than “heat dry.” It’s built with a circulation fan so you don’t have to use heat and more energy to dry your dishes.

You should never go for cheap appliances for your kitchen. A low-priced refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, or any other appliance doesn’t mean that you’ll have more value for your money. You do have to consider all the expenses it will entail while you use it in your home.

Professional Washer and Dryer Repair Can Save You Money – And More!

Washer dryer repair can restore convenience to your home. Save money over buying a new appliance and get the reliable performance you need when you call your area appliance repair service today.

Professional attention for all of your washer and dryer repair and installation needs is vital if you want to enjoy quality performance and rest assured that your units are providing you with the most efficient–and therefore, most cost-effective–service. These machines are meant to be modern conveniences, but the truth is that their usefulness is matched by the care that is put into their setup and maintenance. Don’t let a malfunction derail your washing machine or dryer. Call your local appliance professional right away for more information on how their services can benefit you every time you throw in a load of wash dryer repair los angeles.

If you’re like most people, you don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about your laundry room. However, when your washer or dryer breaks down or starts exhibiting disruptive behavior, your outlook will change–fast.

These machines are so ingrained into our everyday routines that we scarcely consider the reality of life without them. When one considers the alternatives that are available when your home washer or dryer is on the fritz–scrubbing clothes by hand, dragging baskets of laundry to the laundromat, hanging wet clothes on a clothesline–it quickly becomes obvious that your best choice is professional appliance repair. Maintain your routine, and don’t go a single day without freshly cleaned, perfectly dried clothes and linens by calling in a repairman the moment you suspect a problem. Some common signs that you may require dryer repair or washing machine repair include:

No spinning or tumbling
Washing machine cycles are off
Unit not drying or cleaning clothes properly
Excess noise
Leaking from washer
Dryer overheating clothes
These are just a handful of possible symptoms. If you detect these or any other issue with your laundry room appliances, don’t hesitate to seek help. Quick attention to an underlying problem could prevent more serious, costly issues in the future.

Appliance repair is nearly always more affordable and faster than replacing your appliance, but sometimes, especially in the case of very old or damaged machines, it simply is not an option. If your appliance is beyond repair, washer or dryer replacement is your best option for convenient, quality clothing care. After you’ve selected your new unit and successfully disposed of the old one, the only step left is appliance installation. Piece of cake, right?

Nope. Appliance installation is not simply a matter of plugging in a plug, like you would a toaster. Hooking up washers and dryers involves a variety of utility connections, including water and waste-water lines, gas hookups, and electricity. Incorrect or incomplete installation could result in:

Compromised safety (due to fire hazards, gas leaks, etc.)
Inefficient use of energy
Damage to your walls, floors, and other surfaces
Shortened appliance life
Poor performance
There are some things worth doing right. Taking care of yourself and your home is one of them. So don’t ignore what goes on in your laundry room. Prompt washing machine or dryer repair can save you money over the cost of a replacement, and professional installation of new machines ensures that you will enjoy top-notch performance from your unit while saving money on your energy bills.

If your washer or dryer is demanding attention, seek professional appliance repair assistance right away. You’ll notice a difference in the quality of your laundry room performance–and keep your household running smoothly for less!